How Late Can You Order Flowers for Mother's Day?

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Here's a question for all the procrastinators out there: What's the LAST DAY you can order flowers and still get them delivered on time? Someone talked to a few different companies, and it varies...

The site says their cutoff is Thursday morning, around 10:00 AM.

The site UrbanStems gives you a little longer. Their cutoff is Friday afternoon around 3:00 PM.

And 1-800-Flowers has same-day delivery for certain items with a cutoff at 11:30 AM. But you're really risking it at that point. So it's better to do it at least a day or two before.

If you're sending Momma something in the mail, things get a little iffy.

If you're using the Post Office, do it as early as possible. FedEx basically says that even if they claim it's two-day shipping, they can't guarantee it. And UPS says most things are getting there on time. But again, no guarantees.

Amazon is pretty much back to normal though. So if you have Prime and it says two-day shipping, there's a pretty good chance it'll make it. 

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