Woman In FL Arrested For Christmas Tree Assault

If you didn't end your weekend in a prison cell for assault with a Christmas tree.... you're doing better than a couple in Florida. #MoronMonday

Police where called to a domestic dispute in Clearwater, FL where a woman was screaming and yelling about the TV being too loud, while she tired to sleep. Her boyfriend of 8 years called the cops when she became violent and out of hand. Police arrive to see 38-year-old Krystall Graham bowed up to his chest and threatening him. The brought the fight to a calm state but noticed his face was cut up and injured. After questioning both, Krystall admitted that she had “took apart an artificial Christmas tree, and threw three sections of the tree”, according to police reports. She was promptly arrest for assault with a Christmas tree and finally got some quite rest in a cold cell for the night.


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