Otis's Wife May Be On Wanted List Accidentally Attempting To Steal Children

Otis's wife Brittney may be on a wanted list in Georgia now, after she was horribly embarrassed by getting into the wrong car, that had someone's kids in it. She thought it was hers! #Fail

She was out shopping, had taken my car (which she never drives), came out of Kroger after shopping for a bit and was looking for her van. Granted, Honda Odyssey vans are pretty common. She hops in the front seat of a white Odyssey, set her grocery's down and then is completely mortified when she turns to look in the back seat.

Listen to her tell the story on her IG story:



Otis was born and raised in a small town in Morton, IL between two pumpkin patches. It’s the Pumpkin Capitol of the World, so there’s that. He considers Charlotte, NC his hometown, after spending 10 years there doing radio and meeting his wife... Read more


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