TikTok Hacks For Taking Baby To The Beach

A day at the beach sounds pretty good right about now, but when you’re a parent, there’s a lot of gear and planning involved in the trip. A mom on TikTok is sharing her hacks to make bringing a baby to the beach easier.Kate Bast’svideohas more than 6.1-million views and people really seem to like her clever tips.

The viral clip includes things that have worked for this mom and her baby girl:

  • Apply sunscreen with a makeup brush- Putting sunscreen on a squirmy kid isn’t always easy, but Kate says using a makeup brush gives parents more control on where the SPF goes. Plus, the soft brush feels nice on baby’s skin, so they might actually enjoy the process, which isn’t always the case.
  • Bring a baby bathtub for water play- This mama fills a baby bathtub with ocean water and puts it in a sunny spot so it warms up. She adds some bath toys and lets her daughter splash around in her own mini sea.
  • Make a playpen out of a fitted sheet- Do this by stretching a fitted sheet over the sand, then putting large objects like coolers and chairs on the corners to hold it in place. It gives tots a soft - and mostly sand-free - play area for the day.
  • Store toys in a mesh bag- That way the sand stays at the beach instead of in your car or on your floor at home.