Your Past Is a Lesson, Not a Life Sentence (5th Thing)

Amy & Kat talk about everything from TikTok food trends (like cottage cheese flatbread & chickles) to life lessons vs. life sentences (i.e. how long do we hold ourselves captive to mistakes we’ve made?!) 

Amy has a marriage tip for Kat that she just read about...apparently this one simple thing could lead to a happier relationship & Amy wishes she'd known about it sooner. 

Adelyn (Amy’s niece) shares her feelings on the infamous ‘what does this make possible?’ question when it was said to her this week after something hard.



“Next time someone tries to bring up your past, while you are trying to improve your future, remember that your past is a lesson and not a life sentence.”

—Xander Scott (Fitness and self development advocate) 


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