Scuba Steve Doesn’t Want To Attend Son’s Kindergarten Graduation

Scuba Steve is protesting his son's kindergarten graduation.

He admitted to the Bobby Bones Show that he doesn't want to attend his son's kindergarten graduation. It's a two-day event where one day is graduation and the next day is where parents go with the kids to the school to play games and eat. Scuba Steve had multiple reasons for not wanting to take his son, his first one being work. The graduation happens while Scuba is at the studio and he doesn't think he can skip work to go. He also noted that he would like to go, but it's about the principal of having graduation for everything these days. He's also frustrated that schools do all their events when parents are working their 9 to 5 jobs so it makes it difficult to attend everything.

That comment sparked the show trying to come up with names so that people without one parent could attend events. Their ideas range from potatoes with parents, grapes with guardians, noodles with neighbors to apples with anybody, french fries with family and friends, and raspberries with random folks.

Scuba's son is so excited about the graduation event, he brought home the fliers and told his parents that he couldn't wait to go. Bobby said he would let Scuba go to the graduation because work will still be here the next day, but the graduation won't. Bobby also told him about a study that showed kids who are rejected by their fathers in childhood bring that into their adult lives. Scuba noted that this is such a small thing and he's there for his son all the time, like how he's a coach for his son's basketball and baseball teams.

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