Ludacris Reveals How Much Money He Made From First ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie

Ludacris is hosting The iHeartRadio Music Awards tonight! But first, we have some questions for him about his extensive career and he reveals how much he made in the first Fast & Furious movie.  

Ludacris has done so much in his career, between music, movies and now hosting, he said he finds joy in entertainment and loves doing everything that involves it. As much as he invests in his professional career, he invests himself more in being a family man. He’s a father of four daughters and loves raising them.  

He will be hosting and performing at The iHeartRadio Music Awards tonight and to prepare he said he’s focusing more on giving artist time. He knows people want to hear from them and watch their performances, so he does not want to take any time away from that and only plans on changing once for his performance.  

The first song Ludacris felt made a shift in his career was his 1999 hit “What’s Your Fantasy.” He released it independently and then got picked up by a label and they had to do a radio edit for the song, but it really helped jump start his career. When he releases new music, he does feel like he needs to put out something new that people will love just as much as the old stuff. He never wants to do the same thing repeatedly and wants to evolve with his music but still satisfy his audience.  

Ludacris is also known for being in the Fast & Furious movie franchise. When he first got told about the audition, he was on tour with Eminem and the director, John Singleton, asked him to be part of it. He took 20 minutes to figure out what was going on in the scene, learned the lines, then auditioned and the rest was history. He’s so grateful to be part of a movie franchise that is known worldwide and has become part of so many people's lives. He called the movies the gift that keeps on giving and shared for the first time ever, that the first check he got for the first Fast & Furious movie he made half a million dollars! Even though he has a lot of money, he does not buy his kids anything they want and teaches them if they want something they need to earn it.  

The iHeart Radio Music Awards are tonight at 8PM Eastern on Fox and can be streamed on iHeartRadio stations and the iHeartRadio app. 

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