Lunchbox & Bobby’s Storage Unit Business Takes Another Hit

The saga of the storage unit Bobby Bones and Lunchbox bought together has been going on for about six or seven months now.

They went into the business of buying a storage unit together and the deal was Bones would pay for 75% of it, and Lunchbox would handle selling all the items inside of it. They’ve run into a few hiccups along the way, and it’s now taken another hit.  Lunchbox sold a pair of Air Force 1’s for $90 and the buyer asked everyone on the show to sign them, which they did. He mailed it out, but it didn’t pass authentication because the shoes were altered, and the buyer was refunded their money. He received a message from eBay that said, “the shoes have been painted or altered from their original condition.” Even though the buyer asked for them like that. eBay sent Lunchbox a message saying since they couldn’t be authenticated, they refunded the buyer and sent him back the shoes, which he has not received yet. They have now lost $90 out of their account.  

They think the problem is that he didn’t list that the item was autographed, and that he didn’t read the rules about selling shoes on eBay. Bones is regretting going in on this storage unit with Lunchbox because he’s gotten no money back from it. Lunchbox said he is presenting him with a check the day after his birthday.  

Lunchbox said they still have another pair of shoes that won’t sell too and suggested he try selling them somewhere else.  

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