TMSG:Community Rallies To Help 89-Year-Old Widow Recreate Lost Wedding Ring

David W. Eaton was married to his wife Babette for years until a series of health battles claimed her life 13 years ago.

Eaton was given a customized and very special wedding ring that never came off even after losing his wife. That changed late last year when he dropped weight during cancer treatment and his hands shrunk. The ring slipped right off and was never seen again. Eaton called Irvine police to tell them of the lost ring in case someone were to turn it in.

Instead, the police officer got in touch with the original jeweler of the ring and got the mold to re-create the custom keepsake. The police officer made sure that the man would be reunited with his ring in someway.

Eaton told ABC News 7 that it's rare to find people as kind as the ones who came together to create a replica of his ring.

Photo: Getty Images

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