Eddie's Foster Kids Made Him Get Really Emotional

Eddie of The Bobby Bones Show shared a few weeks ago that he and his wife got involved in a local foster program in Nashville. After waiting several months, they received two kids through the system, a newborn and a toddler. He shared an update on the whole situation this morning (April 19) and had a lot of us tearing up for him in the studio.

He said that his kids and the foster kids have really bonded, they spend time playing together until they have to go to bed and repeat every day after school. Both of the foster kids are home with Eddie and his wife during the day though because they aren't old enough yet to go to school. During that time together, Eddie has really bonded with the toddler over sports. They play catch together after Eddie got him a mitt and during a recent moment together the toddler told Eddie that he loved him.

Listen to Eddie talk about the full, adorably emotional moment below.

Eddie Foster Update

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