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Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter is the celebrity gossip show you don’t have to feel bad about, spilling all the tea you’re thirsty for without getting too mean. On this episode, he has his friend Garrett Vogel from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on to talk about everything that went down at the 2020 Oscars, explaining exactly how the voting process works and then getting into Janelle Monae’s opening number, Eminem’s surprise performance, what people in the audience shouted when Brad Pitt won Best Supporting Actor, and all the after-party gossip too. Put your pinkies up, it’s tea time!

The upset of the night, Rob says, was Parasite winning Best Picture; it made history as the first film in a foreign language to win an Oscar. Rob was sure that the historic war movie 1917 would take it home, and Garrett was surprised too. “People saw subtitles and said, ‘you’re not gonna win anything,’” he points out. Rob admits he’s not “an artsy-fartsy” guy, saying, “I love a Mission Impossible. I love a Harry Potter movie,” so he was hesitant to watch Parasite. But, “I loved it. I loved kind of sucks you in.” Rob explains quickly that there are 8,000 voting members of the Academy who nominate and vote on the Oscar contenders; members vote in their category (editors voting for Best Editing, for example), but everyone votes for Best Picture. The amount of members is actually up 34% from past years, a result of their effort to have more diverse representation, but “you couldn’t tell from the nominees,” Garrett says sardonically. 

They talk about how Leonardo DiCaprio showed up with his girlfriend, Camila Marrone (“Is this the equivalent of bringing her home to mom?” Garrett asks, and Rob corrects him: “This is the equivalent of bringing her home to America!”), how someone in the audience yelled, “About time!” when Brad Pitt won, and both agree that Janelle’s opening number was “one of the best openings ever.” They also get into Eminem’s surprise performance of “Lose Yourself,” which he won an Oscar for 18 years ago, but wasn’t present to accept. Rob says he stayed home because he thought “there was no chance rap would ever win,” so it was nice he got his chance to perform it, even if it was a little late. Then they get into who guest-hosted Elton John’s famously fun Oscars after-party, talk about Netflix “licking their wounds” for only taking home one trophy (Laura Dern, for Marriage Story), reveal “the nicest and the naughtiest” celebrities of the day, and so much more in this episode of Naughty But Nice

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