Luke Combs' New Song "We Still Drink Beer" Gets Me Ready For Summer!

There's no denying that Luke Combs has had a monumental impact on the country music world already, and he's only put out two albums! We know he's been working on album number three, and I have a feeling it could be his best work yet!

Every song Luke has released as a single has flown to #1 on the charts, and I have a feeling this next song could do the same thing. He released an acoustic version of his new song "We Still Drink Beer" recently, and it is just so good! I don't know how he constantly has the best lyrics and music, but he is always impressing me!

Not only is the song SO GOOD, but the fact that his dog doesn't even flinch is hilarious! I can't shift in my chair at all without my dogs going crazy, yet here's two guitars and Luke blaring those crazy good vocals, and the dog doesn't flinch hahah.

Check out the song below and let me know what you think!