Amazon Driver Walks Through Police Standoff To Deliver Package To SWAT Team

Photo: Getty Images

A delivery driver for Amazon didn't let criminal activity stop him from delivering his package on time, interrupting a strange scene to pass off a box to a SWAT team member during an active police standoff in North Carolina.

According to the Daily Mail, an Amazon driver was attempting to deliver a package to an apartment complex in Cary when he came across an active police standoff. Rather than leave the dangerous scene, he decided to make the delivery anyway.

In a video shared to TikTok by user mlktrk679, the delivery driver can be seen calmly walking past at least a dozen police vehicles as he tried to make his way to the correct address. Before he could get there, he was intercepted by a SWAT officer and handed off the package to them instead. To top it all off, he even took a picture of the scene to prove that he did indeed make the delivery, just in an unusual way, before walking back to his van.

Check out the video below. Warning: The video contains strong language.

Of course, people in the comments couldn't help but crack jokes at the driver's dedication:

"Amazon should put that in advertisement. 'Nothing will stop us from delivering and I mean NOTHING.'"
"person in standoff 'your Amazon package has been delivered' email, received"
"Amazon Delivery Person: listen, I got a job to do and it doesn't matter what y'all doing. This package will be delivered today."
"more scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out"
"Now that's what you call AMAZON PRIME"
"They paid for two day delivery and they got two day delivery"
"Someone going for Employee of the Month"

Fortunately the driver wasn't injured during what was ultimately an hours-long standoff between police and a man who was experiencing a mental health crisis. The man reportedly shot his 11-year-old son twice before taking his own life. Police were able to get the boy out of the apartment and to a hospital for treatment. He has since been released and is staying with family.

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