8-Foot-Long Alligator Found Hidden Inside North Carolina Attic

Photo: Getty Images

Home renovations are a great way to spruce up older houses and give them a more modern touch, but they can also often uncover hidden secrets and even lead to a potential bomb threat. One home in North Carolina undergoing construction started out normal until workers notice a scary sight hiding away in the attic.

An 8-foot-long alligator was discovered inside the attic of a home under construction off Carolina Beach Road in Hanover County last week, per WWAY. Though gators hibernated during winter, officials with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said the reptiles are likely being spotted now due to unseasonably warm weather this year.

The New Hanover County Government official Facebook page shared a photo of the gator relaxing on the floor of the attic with its head peeking out.

Spotting an alligator hiding in your workplace seems like it would be a shock and something you would take seriously, which is how Dean Brown, a code compliance officials with New Hanover County, faced the unexpected situation. However, according to WWAY, not everyone felt the same way.

"The workers having lunch sitting [in] the next room — I asked them to leave," said Brown. "They kind of laughed at me when I told them why, and I said, 'Well, you might want to look, because there's an alligator in the attic."

If you happen to come across an alligator, leave it alone and do not approach it as it could become aggressive.

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