Raleigh Christmas Parade Canceled After Fatal Incident


Photo: Getty Images

Update 3:22pm: Multiple sources are now reported that the girl hit by a truck on the Raleigh Parade route this morning has tragically died.


A scary incident at the Raleigh Christmas Parade has caused the cancelation of the annual event. A truck in the parade apparently lost the ability to brake and it is reported that at least one young child has been seriously injured. It is currently believed that the incident was accidental, but an investigation is under way. The injured child has been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Witnesses on scene told ABC11 a white truck pulling the CC & Co. Dance float lost control. People said they heard the driver screaming out of the truck's window that he had lost control and couldn't stop the vehicle. It appears the out-of-control vehicle hit a young girl, seriously injuring her.

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