Hunter Hayes Reveals When He's Kicking Off 'The Beginning Of A New Era'

Photo: Getty Images

Hunter Hayes finally announced the beginning of his “new era” after a few teasers hinting at his latest work.

Hayes shared on his social media channels on Thursday afternoon (June 30) that the “beginning of a new era” kicks off on July 8, when he releases his new song, “Missing You.” Confirmation comes shortly after Hayes dropped a few teasers with snippets of the upcoming song, ramping up anticipation among eager fans. Now, they’re “SO EXCITED” for what’s coming next.

Earlier this month, Hayes shared a mysterious post that drummed up speculation that the new song was coming soon. The brief video showed, presumably, Hayes dialing a payphone with the tones of the digits playing a song. After one ring, an automated voice said: “We’re sorry. The song you’re trying to listen to is not yet released. Please try again later.” Hayes responded to some TikTok users in the comments, seemingly confirming that the tones as he dialed “could be a chorus melody,” and asking whether at least one fan whether they tried calling the phone number he dialed. If so, the phone number allowed callers to hear a short clip of the song before the call cut off. Listen to a few seconds of “Missing You” here:

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