Blake Shelton Reveals Which Song He Regrets Never Released

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Blake Shelton posted an acoustic rendition of one of his songs that never became a single, even though it appeared on two of the country hitmaker’s albums over the course of his career (Pure BS and Startin’ Fires).

Shelton shared the breakup song on his social media channels, opening up about his regret that it didn’t become a single: “Back in the day I wanted this song to be a single so bad I put it on 2 different albums. We never got to it and I still regret it. Thought I’d dig it out for y'all. It’s called ‘I Don’t Care.’” On the track, Shelton sees his ex with another man, and as old emotions begin to stir, he tries to remind himself that he’s moving on:

“I don't care/ She don't matter/ I don't love her anymore, he can have her/ I don't know why it slips my mind/ I tell myself all the time/ Guess I forgot again for a second there/ That I don't care”

The post prompted fans to request an acoustic version of “I Don’t Care,” and applaud the song and his voice. Others encouraged him to release it anyway, including fellow country artist Michael Ray, saying: “Ain’t ever to late. This was one of my favorites bro.” The Voice host Carson Daly also shared his thoughts and support: “...2 things stick out- this acoustic version is killer & timing is everything. The story, lyrics & your voice hit home waaay more now than back then. Release it this way & see if 3rd time’s a charm.”

Listen to Shelton’s acoustic performance here:

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