Lauren Bushnell Lane Claps Back At Troll Who Called Her 'Sickly Looking'

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Lauren Bushnell Lane got personal on Instagram this week, addressing an Internet troll who called her "sickly looking" while she was struggling with postpartum body image.

Bushnell and her husband, country singer Chris Lane, welcomed their first child, Dutton Walker, last summer.

In an Instagram Q&A session Thursday, the Bachelor alumna got this question: "How to handle body image issues and accept your own for how God made it?"

Bushnell Lane responded a long, heartfelt message along with a screenshot of a DM she got that said," She is so damn sickly looking I can hardly stand it."

According to a screenshot of Bushnell Lane's Instagram story from People, she wrote:

I don't wanna bring attention to these kind of messages but the reality is I get them. They exist. I don't feel like I have to defend myself but sometimes want to (especially) when it's already an insecurity and someone hits on it. No matter what I do I cannot gain weight. The only time in the last 10 years I've been able to is being pregnant or on oral contraceptives. Otherwise it's just how my body wants to be. I wish I had my pregnancy booty but I don't and apparently some people on the internet don't like that. I eat healthy (in fact I usually out eat my husband but these messages don't wanna hear that haha) I think what makes me the most sad is as a new mom I've given my baby everything including my body but still get messages criticizing it.

She continued:

On that same note I just. had a bunch of blood work done because society tells you that if you don't fit into a certain mold - there is something wrong with you. I'm all for getting bloodwork done (especially) post baby (because) they drain a ton of nutrients but reading messages (about) my weight was making me believe there was something wrong with me. I convinced myself I was sick. I've spent so much money on lab work and micronutrient tests (because) I was convinced that surely I was sick or there was something wrong but everything is great (thank goodness!!) just a little low in Vitamin D. Anyhoo - let's not comment on women's bodies (postpartum) (because) there is so much too it and also a tremendous amount of emotion that comes along with it all."

This isn't the first time Bushnell Lane opened up about postpartum. In September, she posted an Instagram story in September saying she was experiencing postpartum anxiety, hormones, lack of sleep and panic attacks.

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