St Jude Radiothon: Luke Combs Surprises St. Jude Patient In Studio

During The Bobby Bones Show's St. Jude Radiothon, Luke Combs stopped by to help us surprise a St. Jude patient that Combs had actually met before.

During a recent concert, Combs went viral after he brought a kid on stage that was holding up a sign. During the acoustic part of Combs set, he was sitting on stage with a guitar and noticed a sign in the way back and slowly, the sign moved forward and people were allowing this sign to come to the front. Combs finally saw the sign when Hudson and his mom got to the front barricade of the stage. Combs pulled Hudson up on stage and they talked, eventually leading to Combs playing his next song and Hudson staying on stage to high five fans.

So during The Bobby Bones Show's Radiothon, everyone wanted to surprise Hudson again by bringing him in the studio with Combs. Hudson is 11-years-old and lives in Missouri. At 22 months old, he was diagnosed with Wilms tumor and had to go through 27 weeks of chemo and a blood transfusion. Since being in remission, Hudson goes back once a year for a check-up and talks with all the other patients.

When visiting the hospital that saved his life, Hudson talks with the other patients there and tries to help them through their rough moments. He told Bobby Bones that he tells the kids "it will be ok" and "he's been through it" and "you're going to survive." Hudson's mom jumped into share that their first time visiting St. Jude when Hudson was diagnosed really gave a wave of peace over her and her family. The hospital really changed things for them.

Combs and Hudson continued to talk about their onstage encounter. Hudson shared that he hasn't stopped listening to Combs music since everything happened at the show, and Combs told Hudson that the moment they shared reminded him why he wanted to be an artist in the first place.

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