All The Things Leaving Netflix in March

It's that time of year again where Netflix tells us what they are taking away from us in March. The big one that jumps out at me is Law & Order: SVU. Granted, they only had a few seasons on there, but still. At this point, I'll say thank goodness I can get my SVU fix on Hulu.

Here's everything leaving Netflix in March:

1.Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

2.Charlie St. Cloud

3.The Little Rascals

4.Baby Mama

5.Role Models


7.The Breakfast Club

8.Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

9.Newsies: The Broadway Musical

10.Bruce Almighty

11.The Cider House Rules

12.The Gift


14.Ghostbusters 2

15.The Real Ghostbusters, Seasons 1-5

16.Pearl Harbor

17.Fair Game


19.United 93

20.Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Season 18

21.Drop Dead Diva, Seasons 1-6

22.Party of Five, Seasons 1-6

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