[VIDEO] Baby Gender Reveal Starts Wildfire, Causes $8 Million in Damage

We've all seen gender reveal parties where someone busts a balloon, vehicles with the smoke either pink or blue, and even people who have busted objects with bullets to make them explode a powder to reveal whether or not they're having a boy or girl. 

Well, this gender reveal went terribly wrong. 

A couple near Tuscon, Arizona shot a target full of colored powder and tannerite, a highly explosive substance in 2017.  When the target exploded, revealing they were having a boy, the sparks landed in the dry grass around it and immediately started a fire.  This fire would later be known as the Sawmill Fire and would burn more than 47,000 acres and cause more than $8 million dollars in damage. 

The man who shot the target was an off-duty border patrol officer.  In the video, after the fire starts, you can hear them say "start packing up!"

The video, below, was released after a Freedom of Information request was made to the US Department of Agriculture.   

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