Bobby Bones Plans to Run For President

In an exclusive interview to ET on Thursday, Bobby laid out his future.  His political future, that is. 

He says he will absolutely be the Governor of Arkansas on day, and then he plans to run for President. 

When asked "We heard you were maybe interested in running for political office," Bobby replied with "Oh, I'll be the Governor of Arkansas, for sure." 

"I thought about running in 2018, but maybe 2022, probably 2026. Yeah, yeah. I do believe I will be the Governor of my home state of Arkansas."

They then asked him what he wanted to change, and Bobby spoke about his upbringing and how education wasn't something that was readily available to him.  He said he wants to dig into the impoverished areas and make education a priority saying, "I believe if you can learn, you can go and achieve."  He then followed that up with, "Yeah, I will run for Governor. Hopefully, I'll be President. That's the plan."

They also talked about his odds of winning Dancing with the Stars. Check out the full interview below. 

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