My Summer Family Photos - They're So Amazing!!

We were late to the game...I hadn't taken family photos since 2013.  Whoops.  

I had seen pictures from Autumn Harrison before, but I never imagined she would so perfectly capture my family's spirit and make us look so incredible.  I knew I had beautiful kids, and she brought that to life. These pictures capture they way I see them.  I swear I think I can hear my laugh in some of these photos (which, if you've heard me laugh, is loud haha.)  And she made my husband feel comfortable in front of a camera, which is hard to do.

I don't know that I could truly put into words how much I love these photos.  They were taken just 4 days before Xander turned one.  We were at Lake Crabtree County Park just outside of Raleigh, in Morrisville. She sent me over 130 pictures...don't worry, there aren't that many in the gallery haha. But there's no way I could ever pick out my favorite.  I've tried to narrow it down...I hope you love them as much as I do!!

Thank you, Autumn!  They're perfect!!

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