Target Now Has a Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

We all love Target. (and if you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends.)

It seems like there are subscription boxes out there for everything...and I'm a sucker.  I love them.  You can get clothes, make-up, shoes, athletic gear, food, all kinds of stuff via subscription box.  I have a box obsession, you might say.  I get Ipsy, Birchbox, StitchFix, and FitFabFun.  Whoops. 

And can get one from Target. 

It's called the Target Beauty Box and it's a monthly box full of themed samples.  Everything you get in the box can be purchased full size in the store.  It's only $7 and it ships FREE.  Plus, they even have a men's version for $5, way cheaper than the usual $10 for a beauty subscription box.  I mean, if you think of it in terms of percents, that's 30% cheaper.  This is me, by the way, talking myself into another expense because it's cheaper and it's only $7... 

BRB...adding another subscription to my box obsession...

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