Raleigh Named One Of The Country's Best Cities For Breweries

Thrillist just released their list of the 32 best breweries in America, and Raleigh is on the list!

It's no surprise with all the local taps in the city that one of them got some attention.  Thrillist divided the country into 4 parts and sent Ale Sharpton to the south.  Check out what he had to say about Raleigh and why we're on the list!

Raleigh’s beer scene is quickly blossoming as a standout destination city for both craft brew fanatics and gourmands; the stunning Brewery Bhavana is a major reason why. But don’t shortchange it as solely a spot to imbibe phenomenal brews like the Glean Mango Peppercorn Saison crafted by the very talented head brewer and co-founder Patrick Woodson. Its lavish-meets-rustic environs in historic Moore Square Park host a flower shop, community bookstore, and authentic dim sum selections reflective of Laos, the homeland of to the two other founders, siblings Vansana and Vanvisa Nolintha, whose lauded Laotian restaurant Bida Manda is adjacent. I mean, how many breweries have a “storyteller” on staff (Roxanne Bellamy)? Come see what the hell that means while your palate gets blissed out. -- AS

Cities near by making the list include Charlotte, Atlanta, and Charleston, SC.  Check out the full list of the 32 breweries on their list HERE.

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