My Son's Nautical Themed First Birthday Party Pics!

We had my son's first birthday party on Sunday.  We somehow lucked out and were able to throw his party on his actual birthday, July 22nd.  We had friend's that were gracious enough to let us use their house for the party, which has a pool!  So, I knew I wanted to do a nautical theme and I think it turned out wonderful!  I may not be ready to open shop on Etsy, but I was really proud of my (in my own personal, biased opinion) Pinterest-worthy party decor. 

 A giant shout out to Baked By Billie for the incredible cupcakes and smash cake for my son.  Her chocolate "crab cakes" and lemon-blueberry "sweet sails" were exactly what I wanted (and tasted AMAZING)!!  I made the ribbon banner and the Xander banner (and I even free-handed the letters, not to brag or anything...but bragging LOL) and then we served bbq complete with "fish and chips" (individual bags of potato chips and Goldfish). 

 We had guests write him a "message in a bottle" that he'll read when he turns 18 and our thank you bags had island candy and "lifesavers" in them, plus all the kids got their own pool floatie.  The anchors that were on the table came from Michael's, the "happy as a clam" and gold straws came from Paper Source in North Hills, and most everything else came from Hobby Lobby. 

Thank you to everyone who came and helped make our little man's first birthday a success! 

I also wrote him a list of wishes for his life over the weekend...if you wanna check that out, it's HERE.  I was feeling majorly sentimental trying to figure out how he's already a year old haha.  

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