20 Unused Baby Names You're Going To Want To Steal

We couldn't be more pumped for LunchBox and his Baby Box!!  We are so excited about him being a dad, we searched the web and found a list of baby names we know you're going to love.  If you're expecting, get ready to add at least a couple of these to your name list!  There's a few curve balls in there for me, but there are definitely a few that I gushed over.  Thanks to The Stir Cafe Mom for this unique list of names! 

  1. Humphrey - boy; meaning peaceful warrior.  Can you say Bogart? *swoon*
  2. Circe - girl; Greek mythology goddess who could turn people into animals.  Talk about some super power! 
  3. Ludovic - boy; French and German derivative of Louis meaning illustrious fighter.
  4. Diablo - gender neutral; maybe it's going out of style because it means devil, but I can hear a cute little boy with this name already! 
  5. Placido - boy; Italian meaning peaceful and calm. 
  6. Chandra - girl; this name had a place in the 70s but hasn't been used much since.  We're sure you're little girl would love being known as "illustrious and eminent."
  7. Nat - boy; usually used as a nickname for Nathaniel, why not just make this his actual name?!  So cute!
  8. Perdita - girl; this name just makes me happy, especially since it was the mom dog in 101 Dalmatians. 
  9. Bard - boy; this name is most commonly a surname, but it's sure to be one that is unique and remembered!
  10. Thaddea - girl; it's the female version of Thaddeus, which means courageous heart. Hello, Dea! 
  11. Puck - boy; I can't hear this and not think of Shakespeare! Maybe your Puck would turn into one of the great writers of our world. 
  12. Franny - girl; short for Frances, it's not one you hear very often.  Although, I've had two friends name their daughters Frankie in the last year, so Fran's are on the comeback! 
  13. Spike - boy; I can totally hear this as a middle name, especially if paired with something very traditional.  It would be a bit of unexpected spark on a family name!
  14. Hester - gender neutral, although primarily used for girls in the 1880s. 
  15. Gulliver - boy; I just love this!  It's so sweet!
  16. North - girl; maybe this one will make a comeback now from all the Kardashian fans that will have babies in the future. 
  17. Kermit - boy; I just can't not think of the frog haha.
  18. Winsome - girl; Okay. I love this.  But I love girl names that sound masculine. This is a fave for me!
  19. Mingus - boy; if it's good enough for Norman Reedus, it's good enough for me! haha
  20. Zephryne - girl; I do love a good Z or X name! 


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