WATCH: New Halloween Trailer with Jamie Lee Curtis is AWESOME

If you love scary movies, it's a great time to be you. 

I love them.  I love watching them. I love them so much I was even in one. (a small film from Wilmington called The Hollow's a picture of me on set.  I played a reporter.) 

Here's a still shot from the film.  I was reporting on a murder. 

I digress.  But clearly, I'm a big fan.

My mom and I would watch all the original scary movies when I was kid...Exorcist, Friday the 13th, and of course, Halloween.

Well, there's been 100 sequels (okay, not really, but it feels like it.) I finally feel like this one takes it back to it's roots. 

We get full on Jamie Lee, but she's not the naive girl that we met 40 years ago.  Now, Laurie is pissed and she's been training for Michael's return.  Apparently, he's been locked up all these years.  They also discredit Halloween II's theory that he was her brother.  So the question is this: can a guy walking slowly wearing a mask be scary in 2018?  The answer comes down to one word: teeth.

Check it out below and let's make a movie date for October, k? :) 

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