Letta's Love It or Leave It: The Sleep Styler Rollers From Shark Tank

I've decided I'm going to start venturing out.  Trying new things.  Getting out of my comfort zone.

Well, not that far out.  At least not for the first run haha.  So here's my first installment of...

Letta's Love It or Leave It!

I decided I wanted to try out The Sleep Styler rollers from Shark Tank.  When I very first saw these, I was like, if they work, take my money.  I hate fixing my hair.  It's thick, it's curly, it's frizzy...it takes almost 30 minutes to blow dry.  Ew.  

Plus, I found them on sale.  Score. 

With The Sleep Styler, you're supposed to put them in your hair when your hair has air-dried to about 80%.  While the picture of me before is right after I got out of the shower, I did let my hair air-dry some.  It also recommends putting in your favorite styling cream or frizz control serum.  Check. 

Then, you wrap your hair around them, secure them, and go to sleep.  When you wake up in the morning, your hair looks like a supermodel. See below. 

So, I did that.  I also really like making that face. LOL

And here's the result...

Not exactly the beach waves I was hoping for.  When I woke up, even though I had let my hair air-dry A LOT, it was still wet in the back from being wrapped up in the rollers.  I told you, I have thick hair.  And while it wasn't the ball of frizz it usually is, it didn't just look great, either.  So....

Do I love it, or leave it?

Leave it.  It may work for some people, but personally, I like my hair better when I do it with heat.  That is, when I actually take the time to do it...so...not often haha. #momlife 

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