WATCH: Man Stops Traffic To Fight Other Driver In The Street

A friend of mine still living in West Virginia posted this on Facebook yesterday and I about fell out.  It's a video of two men in the street in a fight.  The video comes in toward the end where a woman is yelling at them to stop and let go, but from what I've been told, it stemmed from road rage.  One man got out of his car, walked to the other, pulled the door open and drug him into the street and started beating him.  If you listen closely, you can hear the woman say "let go of his hair and he'll let go of your throat." 

The same friend who shared the video above saw the exact same thing happen last week and posted the following with the picture below:

This guy pulls up behind another car, jumps out and starts kicking the car in front of him. He then opened the door and started beating the driver in the front car. He drug him out of the car by his head and they started fighting right in the middle of Rt 60. Thank God my son wasn't in the car with me.

What in the world, people!?!  This is scary stuff.  It's sad when you don't even feel safe to driving for fear of someone trying to beat you up!  Keep your doors locked. 

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