I Almost Fell Taking A Mattress Down My Stairs [PICTURES]

My Momma didn't give the name Grace...because she knew I could never live up to it.  

I ordered a new mattress from Zonkd.com and when it was delivered, I had to take the old one out of the house.  I live in a townhouse, so I had to take it down the stairs to get it out of the bedroom.  I almost fell at one point, and once I got it downstairs I couldn't get it over the threshold.  Of course, instead of helping, my husband took pictures. *insert me kicking him in the shins, here.* LOL  

This mattress, by the way, is amazing.  It was super easy to order, you go to the website, take a short quiz (designed in part by a chiropractor) and they recommend which firmness level you should get. I went with the medium and I'm sleeping like a baby (my actual baby approves too...pictures of that cause he's cute.)  We also got the pillows.  And now that I'm thinking about all of it I just want to go home and lay down haha.

My old mattress (don't judge me) was sagging in the middle and over 8 years old.  My dog may or may not have decided it was his new chew toy and got a hold of the side and chewed a chunk out.  I wish I were kidding and I also wish you could see my face hahaha.

My new Zonkd mattress has copper-infused memory foam which helps keep me cool when I sleep (that's an issue for me) and the top is antibacterial which kills bacteria and is odor repelling, which was important to me with the baby. 

So you choose your snooze, and then they ship it right to your door.  It's like Christmas for your back and neck haha.  And they have a 110 night risk free trial, so that's awesome.  

If you want to give it a go, use the promo code B939 when you check out, and you'll get 15% off your order!  Holla!

Anyway, here's the pictures of me taking my old mattress out and how much easier it was to get my Zonkd mattress (they're from right here in Raleigh by the way! Shop local!) up to the bedroom and on my frame.  I love it!

Here's my crappy, old mattress (again, don't judge me.)

Here's me trying to take the dang thing out of the house. 

Here's me almost falling down the stairs (as my dog looks out the window while I'm screeching and he pays no never mind haha.)

Here's it getting stuck on the door.  At this point all I can do is laugh.

We already had the Zonkd box in the house...here it is in front of my baby for size reference.  Wait till you see how big this mattress ends up being...I have no idea how they got it in this box. 

Taking the box upstairs. Much easier process!

Seriously...this is the whole mattress in there!

It comes with a plastic ripper upper (I don't think that's the actual name, but it should be haha) and you literally just cut the plastic off.  I was so intrigued! 

Once it pops out at ya, you're done!  Then it's naked baby approved!!  LOL


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