Some of the Top Churches in the Nation are in the Triangle!

Every year, Outreach Magazine releases a list of the Top 100 fastest growing churches in America.  This year, 7 of the top 100 have locations in the Triangle!  Is your church on the list?  I've actually attended Elevation and The Summit.  Where do you go to church? Check out the entire list HERE.  

Here are the churches in the Triangle on the list:

#8) Elevation Church

#20) World Overcomers

#22. Newhope Church

#37 The Point Church 

#38 Manna Church 

#74.  Hope Community

#98.  The Summit Church

Here's the top 5:

1) Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, OH

2) Eastside Christian Church - Anaheim, CA

3) Shepard Church - Porter Ranch, CA

4) Red Rocks Church - Littleton, CO

5) Trader's Point Christian Church - Indianapolis, IN 

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