Mom Shows Hilarious Truth of Trying To Use The Bathroom Alone

If you are a mom, you know exactly how this woman feels.

As a mom, alone bathroom time is non-existent.  I remember when my daughter was 4, and I was trying to teach her that going to bathroom was a private activity because she would sit on the edge of the tub and watch me.  So finally she went just over the threshold of the door way and said, "I'm not in the bathroom anymore."  Yes, I made the same eye roll you are right now haha.  Finally I asked her to shut the door and she sat down on the other side of it and wiggled her fingers under the door.  Gracious LOL. 

This mom set up a camera and displayed what happened when she tried to go to the bathroom alone...and it's hilarious.

Girl, I feel ya.  We've all been there. #momgang 

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