23-Year-Old Becomes a Dad and Grandpa In One Day

This is such a crazy story...and so incredibly inspiring.  When I read about this, I had to share it!  I hope one day all of us find this kind of love and kindness in our hearts. 

Tommy Connolly got a message from his 17-year old cousin that he hadn't seen in 10 years.  She was pregnant, homeless, and had gotten into some trouble.  The baby's dad was in prison and she was going to have to give up the baby when it was born.  So Tommy adopted his cousin and took her in...making him her 'dad' and the baby's 'grandpa' all in one day!  

How incredibly generous from someone so young.  He posted on Facebook that "family comes first."  How proud his parents must be of his big heart!  

Check out the entire story of Tommy and his cousin HERE.

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