Sugarland is Writing A Song Inspired By Me

Sugarland is writing a song about me.

Okay, so maybe it's not about me, but it's inspired by me...or at least something I said.  

A couple weeks ago, Sugarland called into the show and we talked new music, the new tour, what they've been up to...all the fun "Holy goodness Sugarland is back together" stuff you would talk about. 

At the very beginning of the interview, I told them that I dressed up for them, even though they couldn't see me.  Jennifer asked what I was wearing, and I told her I had on a sweater, jeans, and new boots. (Check out the whole interview HERE.)

So last night when I ran into Sugarland at FGL House in Nashville, this is how the conversation went. 

Me: "Thank you guys again for calling in a couple weeks ago!"

Kristian: "Of course! You had the new boots, right?"

Me: "Yes, I did!"

Kristian: "And you've got the new baby."

Me: "Yep, that's me!"

Kristian: "I wrote that down.  When you said you had on new boots and I knew you had a new baby, I thought...hmmm...and I wrote it down while we were talking so I wouldn't forget. 'new boots.' I'm going to write a song about it."

Me: *Falls the floor* (okay, that didn't happen...but I proceeded to get exceptionally excited.)

I asked him first off if he was serious, haha.  Then he told me when I said I had on new boots, it just had to be a song.  I told him when he got it done, he had to share it with me, even if it never got recorded and he told me he definitely would. Hopefully I'll get to share it with you, too. 

This is seriously one of the coolest moments of my life.  #lifegoalsfulfilled 

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