What's With All The Nude Pics on IG, Kim Kardashian? [PHOTOS]

Kim KW is back at on Instagram.

She's posted several nude photos in the last few days and I'm confused as to why.  Attention?  Did she feel like she was out of the spot light for a minute?  Is she setting up for another sex tape?  I seriously don't understand.  I know she makes some of her money from her body, and I'm not knocking that she's got a killer figure. Like, if I woke up tomorrow and looked like that, I wouldn't be mad at it.  But I don't understand why a sudden surge of nudes.  And I find it really crazy to check out her Insta and see nude, nude, nude, her kid, nude, nude, Kanye, nude, family...bizarre mix of photos, for sure.  

Do you think it's disrespectful of oneself to post those pictures when she's a mother of 3 or that she's disrespecting Kanye?  Or do you think he was taking the pictures?  Is she setting a bad example?  Or do you think it's her body, let her do what she wants?  Would you post these pictures if you were her?

Clearly from the phone photo caption, she's mad about something. 

Maybe she was just really feelin' how she was looking with her new braids.  

Pictures below so you can see for yourself if you want...WARNING: NSFW.

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