California Bill Could Make Plastic Straws Illegal

I'm all for saving the planet.  Seriously, we have destroyed it and need to do our part to save it.  But outlawing drinking straws?  That's just what one California lawmaker is trying to do.

I was a server for a Looooonnnnnggggg time.  Like, 10 years.  So let's just say that with this bill, my a** would still be sitting in jail.

The new bill, proposed by Ian Calderon, would make it illegal for servers to hand out drinking straws without asking if customer wanted one. It would apply to sit-down restaurants and exclude bars or fast food restaurants. Being tagged as the "Straws Upon Request" bill, if servers didn't ask and just gave it to the customer, they could be fined $1,000 with a jail sentence of 6 months per offense.  PER OFFENSE.  

What in Green Gables is that ish?!  Good grief.  Little harsh, don't ya think?  

In his defense, Calderon says he's simply trying to raise awareness about the effects of plastic on our environment and that the punishments of the servers would lessen over time.  

Okay, so here's my next question.  When you punish one server $4,000 and make them go to jail for 6 months for handing out straws to a table of 4 without asking...and then the laws become "amended" as he states in the Twitter chain that it will, and the next person only has to pay $500 and gets one month in jail...then the next time it's a $25 fine and no jail time...if I'm the first server, Lort!!  The 10 shades of heck I'm raising!  I have so many many questions...and now I'ma go sip out of my straw while I still can and ponder about it all...

If you want to read the full article with all the legal mumbo jumbo, click HERE.

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