If You've Been Thinking About LASIK...DO IT!

I've had glasses since 2nd grade.  I remember begging my Mom for contacts, and finally got them in 8th grade.  I literally don't remember life without something on my face or in my eyes so I could see.  

If you wear contacts like me, you know your contact prescription (let's be real, I have no idea what my glasses prescription is haha.)  I was a -5.25 in both eyes.  And yes, if you were wondering, that means by legal standards, I was blind without them.

I've wanted LASIK basically since I found out it existed, and I finally had the opportunity to get it.  I lunged.  

Just in case you've been wondering how it goes down, I'm going to give you skinny.

You call Travers Lasik Vision Care and set up your free consultation.  When you get there, there's free NutriGrain bars and water at reception, so right away, score.

Then, they take you back and do all the little vision test thingys they normally do at the eye doctor (do you see better in one? Or two? How about three? Or four?  You know the deal.)

Then they tell you whether or not you're a candidate.  Most people are.  They tell you about your options.  You go see the lady who handles the finance portion and you tell them when you want to schedule your surgery.

That night, Dr. Travers CALLS YOU.  Crazy.  That's not the norm, at least at most doctor's offices I've been to.  She talks to you about what will happen during your surgery, answers any questions you have, all that fun stuff.  

You schedule your appointment.  They send you prescriptions you'll need in the mail.  You fill them and take them with you to the appointment.  

Day of:  You show up.  The check out your eyes one more time.  You get called into a little room and they give you post-op instructions.  Then, you called into the holy grail's operating room...or as most call her, Dr. Travers. 

She talks to you the entire time.  It doesn't hurt.  It does feel a little weird.  IT TAKES 10 MINUTES from the time you walk in the door till you walk out the door.  CRAZY.  They give you these little plastic shields that make you look like you are a character in A Bug's Life.  Then you go home.  

You sleep for 5-6 hours.  You wake up, AND YOU CAN SEE.  It's. Freaking. AMAZING.

The next day, you go back for your post-op check-up.  They said everything looked excellent and my eyes were perfect (duh.)

My eyes feel fine today.  One feels like I have a contact that is moving a little at times, but I put my tears in and that goes away.  (they said that's perfectly normal, by the way.)

I cannot believe that I am not wearing glasses or contacts.  SERIOUSLY - BEST. DECISION. EVER. 

Here's me with my bug eyes and Dr. Travers yesterday right after surgery.  If you've been thinking about it...DO IT.  Life. Changed.

Carletta Blake and Dr. Travers

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