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Ya know what would be fun, ladies? If you go away for Labor Day weekend, let your husband or boyfriend pack your suitcase! Not a snowball's chance, you're saying? The Daily Mail asked three husband's to pack their wive's suitcases for a week away. Here's what the guys packed for a week away at the beach:

  • A winter fleece
  • Skinny jeans one size too small
  • A ball gown 
  • A scarf (wool)
  • A maternity dress (she wasn't pregnant)
  • The t-shirt she wears for gardening
  • A book she just finished reading
  • A hat the belonged to their scarecrow

What the guys forgot

  • Sandals
  • bathing suits
  • Sun cream
  • Underwear
  • Make up
  • Pajama's

What did you expect?