what a slimy website -- but they do have entertaining surveys.  They may be completely exaggerated, but entertaining.  

According to the dating website for people already in relationships, here's where they say wives who cheat like to shop:

10)  JC Penny
9)   Lululemon
8)   Chico's
7)   Lane Bryant
6)   bebe
5)   H&M
4)   Ann Taylor
3)   Macy's
2)   J. Crew
1)  Banana Republic

Guys, here's another indication she's cheating.  Not only is your bedroom filled with bags from Banana Republic, but she's spending more than ever on clothes.  More than a third in this survey of 52,000 cheating women say they doubled the amount of money spent on their physical appearance.  

Here's yet ANOTHER indication she's cheating... there's a strange dude in your bed.