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Those little doodles you sketch during a boring meeting tell us everything we need to know about you, according to experts. Doodles reveal who you are and what you desire -- love, security, and control to name a few. 

Grab some recent notes and check what you doodled. If it was a:

Box:  Boxes mean you have self-control. You're methodical and orderly. You solve problems by considering all angles. You like structure and desire security

Flower:  Rounded flowers mean you're a warm, sociable person. Pointed flowers indicate intelligence, assertiveness and decisiveness. If your flower is drooping, you're depressed. If your flower has a large center, you desire attention.

House:  You desire to be settled. You desire more material and emotional security. Large house indicates you're ambitious. Small house means you're unhappy.

Heart:  You're dreaming of love, marriage, and /or sex. 

Face:  You're secretive and want privacy. 

Animals:  Domestic animals mean you're affectionate. Jungle animals mean you're aggressive, macho, or frustrated. Caged animals mean you're feeling trapped.

Checks: You desire control and order

Circle: You're harmonious, sociable, cooperative, kind, friendly, and flexible and want to give and receive love.

Stick figure:  You have an analytical mind and recognize the nub of a problem. You can come across abrupt or unemotional.