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Interesting facts about dreams

  • We have four to six dreams a night
  • We only remember two or three a week
  • To remember a dream, you have to wake up in the middle of it. If you slept through it, it's gone forever.
  • Women are better at remember dreams than men, mostly because they're lighter sleepers

Researchers have discovered that dreams say a lot about your health... here's what you may have based off your dreams:


Heart condition, impending migraine, or sleep deprivation. Blood pressure meds are known for scaring up some nasty dreams, too.  

You dream -- a lot!

You're too hot or cold throughout the night, have chronic pain, or are coming off antidepressants.  The more disturbed your sleep, the more likely it is you'll wake up in the middle of a dream, which means you'll remember it.  

You're being attacked

This could be an early sign of a brain or nerve disease like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. This kind of dream causes the dreamer to lash out or kick out, sometimes hurting themselves or the person they're sleeping next to.

Dreams that wake you early

You're overweight, stressed, or ate too much fat.

Food that sits in the stomach can cause heartburn. Don't eat too much before falling asleep.  Acid reflux is common for those overweight leading to an early riser. People with depression also start dreaming earlier, and waking earlier.

Memorable or bizarre dreams

This is caused by alcohol, pills or menopause.  As the effects of alcohol wear off towards morning, you're more likely to have some really bizarre dreams. Medications, such as anti-biotics, can also trigger "epic dreams," long stories with lots of detail. 

Sexual dreams

Increased creativity is behind this. Sexual dreams, believe it or not, increase as we get older, especially for those over 60, and the cause is increased levels of creativity. People take up new hobbies after they retire, which increases their chances for sexual dreams.