The most valuable autographs

If you can grab Sir Paul McCartney's autograph, it'll be good for your portfolio.  Sir Paul's signature is worth more than any other living entertainer.  A scribble by Paul could score $3,275, according to a U.K. companythat specializes in this kind of thing.  In fact, grabbing any of these 10 could put some money in your pocket....

10   Madonna
9    Ringo Starr
8   JK Rowling
7   Muhammad Ali
6   Queen Elizabeth II
5   Tiger Woods
4   Bob Dylan
3   Paul McCartney
2   Prince William

...and the #1 most valuable autograph in the world comes from... believe it or not...

1   Fidel Castro.  Fidel gets boosted the #1 after the death of Nelson Mandela.

How about you:  What is the most valuable autograph in your collection.  It may not be worth much, but it's huge to you.