Triple A says Halloween is deadly for pedestrians. It's the worst time of the year to be walking the street, and they offer some tips for drivers.  

Slow down! A pedestrian is twice as likely to be killed by a car going 30 mph compared to 25 mph

Buckle up! If you're driving trick-or-treaters to neighborhoods that serve up the really good candy, make sure your kids are buckled up and have them enter and exit on the passenger side of the car.

Keep watch!  Keep your eyes peeled for kids on the sidewalks, streets, driveways, medians, and curbs. 

And then there's this...

The Michigan Optometric Association is warning you to stay away from decorative contact lenses, the lenses that turn your eyes into zombie or cat eyes.  They say the over the counter lenses could put you at risk for bacterial infection...which may lead you to actually becoming a zombie and eating your friends... or maybe not.