It's summertime and plans are being made for the beach...which means it's time to, *gasp*, take off your shirt.  Are your pecs ready for primetime?

Okay, time to train.  Be careful how hard you push it, though.  Most of the advice you hear from meatheads (or wanna-be-meatheads) is just plain wrong. 

Here are three workout no-no's from Men's Health:

"Go big or go home!"

Slow and steady wins the race, according to a trainer.  Consistent, incremental gains add up to the body you want

"Push through the pain!" 

There's a big difference between soreness and pain.  The exercise should end if your joints start hurting.

"Protect your spine with crunches and situps."

Crunches and situps may hurt your back due to repeated spinal flexion.  Stability exercises are a solution.  Example here