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Wow...the heat is relentless.  Don't mess with it!  Experts have tips to survive this summer blast

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. They make you pee more than you should -- draining your body of fluids. Not smart

Get inside (duh). Limit your exposure to the heat during its peak hours, generally between 11am and 2pm. Outdoor activities should be done early in the morning, or later at night

Check the humidity. High humidity adds several degrees to the heat index, making it harder for your body to cool off. Your sweat doesn't evaporate over skin like it should in hot weather when the air is saturated with water.

No brainerDON'T LEAVE YOUR KIDS OR PETS IN THE CAR. Do we even need to go over why?

Check on grandma. Elderly folks have a harder time dealing with the heat due to age and the medication they take that can dehydrate the body. Make sure gramps is getting enough water.

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