Have a great idea for a video or do you have a video on YouTube right now that may go viral? There's a way to a make a few bucks off YouTube -- here's how:

#1  Log into YouTube, go to "account features," and find the "Monetization" option under "Features." Click "enable" and agree to the terms of service

#2  Decide on what kind of ads you want YouTube to show on your channel (overlay are the banners, and TrueView are the ads before your vid plays).

#3  Click the 'Monetize' button in the lower left and you're good to go. 

You'll start making money every time someone clicks an ad during your video. Keep in mind that we're not talking big bucks, but it's better than nothing. 

The folks that make a living making and posting videos to YouTube have millions of followers and work their tails off making good content. But then again, you could be the next "Charlie bit my finger" family.

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1. Do something original
2. Grab their attention within 10 seconds
3. Generate a regular stream of content.

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