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Why do women make 81% of what a man makes in the top 20 most common professions?

Some say it's plain old workplace discrimination, while others say it has more to do with women taking longer breaks from work due to maternity leave and childcare needs.  

Either way, men and women believe if the roles were reversed, they still wouldn't have it any better or any worse.  

Men were asked in a survey if they would be paid less if they were female -- 80% said no. 

Women were asked if they would be paid more if they were a man -- 70% said no.

Even with that, 55% of women and 33% of men believe there's workplace discrimination holding women back, even though it doesn't seem to be true in our own personal situation. 

Do you see blatant discrimination in your office, or is it getting to the point gender matters less and less?