What is the biggest mistake made by parents? Interesting article that has 5 of the biggest mistakes made by parents, and everyone of them could be the BIGGEST mistake made by parents. Some of these mistakes affect the child for the rest of their lives, other children turn out just fine in spite of them. Here are the five biggest mistake made by parents:

Paying too much attention to and do entirely too much for their children. This is how you get spoiled brats.

Pay entirely too little attention to their kids.

Thinking the misbehavior of a toddler is "cute," or justifying their lack of discipline by saying "he's only 20 months old," or "he'll grow out of it."

Combining wordy explanations with instructions.  "Honey, a friend of mind is coming over and I'd like to serve coffee in this room so I need you to pick up these toys and move them somewhere else, okay?" Instead, just tell them to pick up their toys and move them somewhere else. If they ask "why," just say because "I said so."

Attaching "Okay?" to the end of what they think are instructions.  "Okay" is not an instruction, it's a pampered request. It'll be ignored.

There's the article's five...which one is the biggest, or what are they missing?


Leave yours below...