Do you remember how much you spent on your prom? Think back and try to add up the night. Did it come to a grand? That's what I thought. If you have a teenage son or daughter, Visa says prom will set you back $978! The good news: That's DOWN14% from 2013.

The grand covers everything from the perfect dress, tux, limo, and prom ticket.  

Okay, I admit I don't have a teenager, so enlighten me.  When did prom become a mini-wedding?  Is it worth it, or are we just being unrealistic about how much things really cost these days?


If you've ever said to somebody, "they should do a TV show about _____ (fill in the blank)," then your day is here. NBC is looking for the next ground-breaking comedy idea. "Our goal is to discover fresh, comedic voices in an innovative, new way." 

3 winners will be chosen. 2 will have their shows produced for NBC, and the other for the website.

Head here if you have the next great idea... Of course, you could always pitch this: